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Building a Cinestar 6 or 8

This program provides you with a detailed, easy-to-understand, explanation of how to build, test, and test fly a Cinestar 6 or 8 multi-rotor copter from a kit. If you bought a Ready To Fly (RTF) Cinestar, then you owe it to yourself to get these videos  so that you can maintain the copter.


Check out this five minute introduction -- you'll get sense of the level of detail in these videos and the quality of the production (watch it full screen):



You can purchase this program either as an NTSC, two-DVD set, or download them in high definition. In either case, the total run time is 3 hours 10 minutes.


Purchase the DVDs

You can purchase this DVD set by itself or as part of the trilogy of DVD sets.


Download the Videos now

Alternatively, if you would prefer to, you can purchase the high-definition videos immediately.


The downloadable files contain the entire contents of the DVDs -- but, as they're high definition you'll need 16GB of hard disk space!


The high definition files are in MP4 format video files. If you have any difficulties playing the MP4s on your computer, check out the VLC player. It's free and works very well on PCs and Macs.

DVD #1 Chapters DVD #2 Chapters
1. Opening 1. Mikrokopter USB Board
2. Introduction 2. GPS Board
3. Motors and Booms 3. Power-On Test
4. LED Strips 4. Graupner MX-20 Setup
5. Completing the Booms 5. Final Setup
6. Assembling the Hubs 6. Motor Alignment
7. Vibration Isolators 7. Propellers
8. Power Distribution Board 8. Landing Gear
9. Buzzer 9. Lipo Safety and Charging
10. Mounting Receiver 10. Compass Calibration
11. Flight Control Board 11. Flight Testing
12. Battery Plate

Creating Good Video

The secret to producing good videos is, somewhat counterintuitively, make sure you have have great audio!


You can have the greatest talent, beautifully lit, saying wonderfully erudite words, but if you're just using the nose mic (that's the one on the camera!), the audio will suck big time, and all the other good stuff will all be for naught and people will think your videos are crappy.


And they will be right -- the videos will actually be crappy and you will be excoriated and have critical opprobium heaped upon you. Lots of it. Seriously thick layers of it.


That said, in addition to great audio, you better have good talent, you better have good lighting, and you better have good talent saying wonderfully erudite words too.


The Rather Good Guides® DVDs and videos do actually have great audio, great lighting, great close-ups, and the talent says wonderfully erudite words. [Disclaimer: Andy was in charge of all of the above so what do you expect us to say?]


But, again, to be serious for a moment, Andy was trained by some great professionals at Oregon Public Broadcasting and they showed him The Right Way. Thanks Katrina, Tom, Todd, and Matt. Special thanks to Steve Bass for allowing them to come out to play.


If you're reading this in Oregon and you're not a member of Oregon Public Broadcasting, freeze at your keyboard right now! We'll be sending Vinny over to collect your membership pledge. We said freeze! We (and the NSA) can see you via your computer's camera. Vinny will be with you in just a few hours. Or so.


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