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A (Beginners') Guide to Mikrokopter Tool

If you are just getting started with Mikrokopter Boards (which, incidentally are some of the most sophisticated multi-rotor aircraft avionics boards on the market), you will save time and avoid headaches with these videos. They will teach you, as a beginner, all you need to know about setting up the software and hardware for your computer to communicate with MK boards. The videos make heavy use of close-up computer screen video so you can really see what you need to know.


The videos also cover detailed guidance for installing the MK Tool, updating the MK board's firmware, assigning copter controls to radio control channels, explaining altitude hold, GPS position hold, come home, and how to setup the parameters for these features. They also explain the Mikrokopter safety features of failsafe and emergency come home.


Check out this five minute introduction -- you'll get sense of the level of detail in these videos and the quality of the production (watch it full screen):



You can purchase this program either as an NTSC, two-DVD set, or download them in high definition. In either case, the total run time is 3 hours 10 minutes.


Purchase the DVDs

You can purchase this DVD set by itself or as part of the trilogy of DVD sets.


Download the Videos now

Alternatively, if you would prefer to, you can purchase the high-definition videos immediately.


The downloadable files contain the entire contents of the DVDs -- but, as they're high definition you'll need 16GB of hard disk space!


The high definition files are in MP4 format video files. If you have any difficulties playing the MP4s on your computer, check out the VLC player. It's free and works very well on PCs and Macs.

DVD #1 Chapters DVD #2 Chapters
1. Introduction 1. Assigning the Channels
2. Virtual COM ports 2. Potentiometers
3. Testing the MK USB Adapter 3. Motor Safety Switch
4. Connecting the MK Boards 4. Parameter Sets
5. Intro to MK Subsystems 5. Altitude Hold (AH)
6. Intro to MK Tool 6. Position Hold (PH)
7. Updating the MK Boards Software 7. Come Home (CH)
8. Assigning AH,PH,CH Switches
9. Carefree Mode (CF)
10. Mixer
11. Minimum Voltage Alarm
12. Tx Signal Loss [no GPS/Navi]
13. Failsafe Channel Assignments

MK Tool

The Mikrokopter board set consists of a flight control board, a navigation control board, a GPS board, and a power distribution board.


Mikrokopter Tool (or MK Tool as it's known to the cognoscenti) is the Windows-based application program that you use to upgrade the boards to the latest firmware releases and set all of the dozens of parameters that determine how the flight and navigation control software operates.


Getting the right settings (or even knowing which parameters to set to what) is complex and, in some instances, one wrong checkbox or erroneously set parameter makes all the difference between flying and plummeting.


MK Tool documentation is available on-line at Mikrokopter's Wiki, but these videos provide a much easier-to-grasp introduction to what each of the parameters a beginner needs to know about, along with the most likely settings required.


These videos are only intended as an introduction for the beginner -- so if you are already of a veteran user of MK boards, you may find them exquisitely boring. You already know this stuff. In fact, what are doing wasting your time reading this web page? :)

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