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Where is that Damn Parameter?


One of the things with which I and several acquaintances of mine struggle with, is menu-driven software that can be quite complex, effectively hiding user-settable parameter values several levels of menu items deep.


These can be really quite frustrating to use because one knows that there is a specific parameter in there somewhere (or should that be "there is a pony in there somewhere") and the challenge is to roam around the menu system trying to find out where that damn parameter is! This is usually done when one is under some pressure, you know, you've got an unmanned vehicle in the air and a Director of Photography needs something now!


Thus was born the idea of the Rather Good Guide® Quicky Reference™ which makes things easier by turning things on their head: You start with a list of all the parameters in alphabetical order, and then you can easily look up the nested hierarchy of the menus that you have to use to find that parameter. It sounds more complicated than it is. So just download one of them and you'll get it in a heartbeat.

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