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DVDs and Downloadable High Definition Videos


In the early days of Rather Good Guides® we shot all our video in High Definition video, only to discover that most people did not have Blu-Ray DVD players so that they could see the video in High Def. Worse yet, Apple didn't support Blu-Ray DVDs, and that normal DVDs were actually standard definition (otherwise known as Crap Def).


Also with DVDs we quickly encountered minor details like TV standards (NTSC and PAL being the two predominant ones). North America uses NTSC (otherwise known as "Never The Same Color"), most other countries use PAL and DVDs needed to be manufactured either as NTSC or PAL if they were to be playable anywhere around the world. As one says in email: sigh.


Nevertheless, the first three productions we did were on DVDs which the good folks at Quadrocopter (thanks Adam!) were kind enough to inflict on their unsuspecting customers. These DVDs were NTSC. So it wasn't long (well, it took a year) before we realized that There Had To Be A Better Way. And that was to put the DVD chapters up on the Web, so that they could be downloaded. And that is where we are today.


Each of these DVDs and downloadable videos has its own page which you can either get to using the sub-menu items under the Videos button in the main menu bar above.


These DVD sets have been described as "the best multi-rotor trilogy of all time." And, no, that's what Quadrocopter say on their web page, not what they paid us to say. And we didn't pay them to say that either. Has anyone told you that you're too cynical about this? :)



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